Toyota has issued a follow up statement in relation to the ongoing Kobe Steel scandal, whereby the materials supply company acknowledged it had fabricated data about the quality of the aluminium and copper it had provided to clients.

In October, Toyota announced the results of its investigations relating to aluminium plates supplied by Kobe Steel, stating the materials were up to all applicable statutory standards. The latest statement now expands the results to include some additional materials, which were previously under investigation.

In the carmaker’s own words: “In these investigations, as for the materials listed in the thick-bordered boxes in the table below (materials purchased from Kobe Steel in Japan except for the products made from copper material referenced in Kobe Steel’s October 8 announcement), we have confirmed that our vehicles’ quality and performance satisfy our own internal standards.”

This is based on examining the data that was provided by Kobe Steel (one or more years’ worth), and assessing the potential impacts of the materials supplied. Data that contained the largest deviations from the specifications of Toyota or its suppliers were used during the ongoing evaluation.

Toyota also confirmed Kobe Steel’s further announcements on October 20 and 26, which included falsified data on some further materials, did not have any impact on its vehicles as they weren’t used. It added that other materials will require more time to investigate due to the large number of suppliers, and regrets any concern caused to its customers.