Malaysian roads saw a total of 5,083 deaths from 400,788 road incidents in the first nine months of this year, according to a Bernama report. From that total, 1,077 fatalities involved those aged between six and 20, according to Bukit Aman traffic investigation and enforcement department director SAC Sharul Othman Mansor. Meanwhile, 1,150 people suffered serious injuries and 1,675 cases involving minor injuries were recorded.

Deaths involving motorcyclists aged between 16-25 were the highest recorded, with 1,043 deaths from 3,232 incidents, the department director said. “Motorcyclists and pillion riders are still the most vulnerable and at the highest risk of being involved in accidents among road users in the country,” he noted.

Motorcyclists and pillion riders were of a high risk group because most of them often ignored traffic signals and other safety aspects, Sharul Othman explained. He added that 764 arrests were made through 2,795 operations in the same period, for motorcyclists and pillon riders involved in illegal racing.