Every sports bike rider is eager to push the limit of his or her motorcycle, and MSF Superbikes provides an avenue for that to take place in safety. Scheduled for Saturday, December 2, the MSF Superbikes Trackday will be held in conjunction with the final round of the Malaysia Speed Festival at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) on December 2 and 3.

Attending a trackday allows for riders to find the limits of their machines, or test modifications such as suspension setups, at the track in a controlled environment. For the MSF Superbikes Trackday, motorcycles are limited to 400 cc displacement (minimum), with an exception being made for the KTM RC390 and Duke 390.

MSF Superbikes Trackday riders are divided into three classes at RM350 per rider – Group A for riders who clock below 2:26″ a lap at SIC, Group B for riders clocking below 2:36″ and Group C for riders above 2:36″. The trackday runs from 9am to 1pm, and each group is allowed a 20 minute session in rotation.

A safety briefing will be held at 8.15am at the SIC South Paddock, and attendance is compulsory for all riders. Riders are required to wear full-face helmets with leather riding suits – single or two-piece – as well as gloves and boots. Using a back protector is strongly recommended.

Riders should also ensure their motorcycles are safe for use, with no obvious oil leaks, and tyres and brake pads should have adequate wear left. Most of all, all MSF Superbikes Trackday attendees are reminded that this is not a race, and to be considerate to other riders on the track.

To book yourself a slot in the MSF Superbikes Trackday online, head here. To learn more about the MSF finale happening on 2 and 3 December, head over to MSF’s official website.