Photo credit: Adam Photography

This is the story of a physically disabled man who drifts cars. He’s a familiar sight at grassroots drifting events, participating competitively in these, mostly around Melaka, and he’s known for his flamboyant drifting style.

To those in the know, he’s called ‘Pak Busu’. His real name is Halizamri Haji Mustapa – born and raised in Melaka, the son of a martial arts teacher is Malaysia’s one and only disabled drifter.

He grew up in a large but caring family, but has shaped his life to never expect anything from anyone. When the drifting craze hit the country a decade ago, it inspired him to take up the sport. “I was born deformed, but it’s something that I had to do,” he explained.

His independent nature and steely determination eventually led to him taking up drifting as more than just a hobby or interest. This drive has kept Pak Busu active in life, and he hasn’t allowed anything to hinder his desire to lead a normal life.

Photo credit: Adam Photography

He’s a trained and certified automotive mechanic, and runs his own workshop in Batu Hampar, Melaka. He also runs a stall at nearby night markets where he sells petai. This is a man who gets his hands dirty and pulls out all the stops to make an honest income in order to provide for his family of four.

At the coming Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) Finale 2017 on December 2-3, Pak Busu will be taking part in the Street category with his Toyota Corolla GL KE70, which he prepares for competition by himself.

His Corolla is a pretty highly tuned and specialised drift machine – it features a swapped Nissan SR20-DET turbo engine and five-speed gearbox (along with a higher 4.7:1 final drive ratio) as well as a suspension from the Nissan Silvia S13. The car’s steering rack and ratio have also been modified to offer more angle, important for high-angle slides.

But it’s the controls that are very obviously altered and highly personalised – some serious thought and welding work went into making it possible for Pak Busu to drift his beloved beast, something that he’s immensely proud of. “These are modifications that I made myself, with the help of some good friends,” he said.

Pak Busu will be taking part in the MSF Drift Gonzo target-style drift competition at the MSF Finale 2017 that will be held in Sepang International Circuit this December 2-3.

The MSF Drift Gonzo will take place on December 2 (Saturday) and will preview a full season event in 2018. Those who are interested to participate can register and pay online at the MSF website. Early bird registrations start from RM220 per driver.

Tickets for Saturday will be from RM10 per adult, and from RM20 per adult for Sunday, for early purchasers. Tickets can also be bought on-site at the SIC. Entry is free for children up to 15 years old. For more information, visit the event information page on the MSF Racing website or its Facebook page.