The new Suzuki Swift will be launching in Thailand early next year, the Bangkok Post reports. The fourth-generation B-segment hatchback made its home market debut in December 2016 and the Swift Sport hot hatch surfaced two months ago.

The new Swift comes with a 1.0 litre Boosterjet triple, but Thais will instead get a 1.2 litre naturally-asprated four-cylinder unit dubbed Dualjet. The K12C 1.2L twin-injector engine will go it alone in the Land of Smiles, without the integrated starter generator (ISG) that a mild hybrid variant gets in Japan.

This is of course due to cost, as the Swift is an Eco Car playing in Thailand’s entry level market. Nissan’s Note eco car, launched there early this year, also omitted the JDM version’s e-Power hybrid system, making do with a 1.2L NA engine. The recently rebooted Toyota Yaris will be the car to beat.

The Swift’s K12C makes the same 91 hp/118 Nm as the K12B unit in the outgoing Thai Swift, but it should be more fuel efficient and green to meet Eco Car Phase 2 standards of 23.3 km/l and 100 g/km of CO2 emissions. The new Heartect platform, which is more rigid and less heavy would help the cause – the JDM car’s weight reduction is from 30 to 160 kg.

Interesting little car, but one that we won’t be getting with Suzuki out of the local scene.

GALLERY: JDM Suzuki Swift