Mercedes-Benz to unveil new MBUX infotainment system in Las Vegas, debuts in next-gen compact cars

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will unveil a new infotainment system at the next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which it calls the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). The company says the system will be fitted as standard equipment in its next-generation compact cars from as early as 2018.

The upcoming A-Class is likely the model being referred to in this instance, although Mercedes-Benz has yet to confirm anything of the sort. Last month, the carmaker provided an early preview of the model’s interior, revealing a pair of display screens and a new multi-function touchpad, among other things.

The company only states in its release that the MBUX will feature “innovative technology based on artificial intelligence and an intuitive operating system.” With AI-based infotainment, improved human-machine interface is possible, allowing systems to better interact with users via deep learning.

Aside from the MBUX, Mercedes-Benz will also display the Concept EQ A, smart vision EQ fortwo and the Mercedes-AMG Project One show cars in Las Vegas.

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