Tan Chong Insurance Business Stream (TCIBS) and RHB Insurance have officially launched a new Return To Invoice and Guaranteed Asset Protection (RTI-GAP) insurance coverage, effectively called the TC GAP Protector.

Said to provide Nissan owners with a more affordable insurance premium, TC GAP Protector provides financial shortfall coverage with maximum benefit up to RM140,000 in the event of total loss of a vehicle due to accident, fire or theft. This insurance comes on top of the motor insurance reimbursement, and prevails throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

There are three insurance plans available – Plan A, B and C. The insurance can be obtained through a one-time payment that is based on the original purchase price and number of years the insurance will be in effect.

The insurance period will then commence immediately from the policy inception date, and is only available for privately registered vehicles. Existing owners can also apply, so long as the car’s age is not older than 12 months upon first registration. You may refer to the table below for the payable premium on selected Nissan vehicles.

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Again, only privately registered Nissan cars are eligible for TC GAP Protector, and the vehicles have to be insured with a comprehensive motor insurance policy. According to TCIBS, some benefits of the coverage include hassle-free claims processing and settlement, as well as full indemnity with no top-up required when getting a new replacement car.

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