As if the 2019 Ford Ranger and Mustang Bullitt weren’t big enough reveals, the Dearborn-based carmaker has announced it will unveil a new, all-electric performance SUV in 2020. Based on the accompanying video teaser, the model will be called the Mach 1, a name that has been associated with high-performance iterations of the Mustang in the past.

For now, Ford is keeping mum on the details of the Mach 1, but it is speculated the model will be a Mustang-inspired crossover. The short clip certainly suggests this, where we see a Mustang GT and an Explorer enter a facility for some “mechanical splicing” with some jolts of electricity, perhaps?

It is already known Ford is going big with electric vehicles as part of its future plans, with as much as 13 new electrified vehicles set to join its product portfolio by 2020. Before the decade’s end, more than 40% of its nameplates globally will benefit from some form of electrification as well.