During our time at the 2018 Singapore Motor Show, we managed to get up close with the all-new Nissan Leaf, which is slated to be launched in Malaysia this year. The second-generation electric vehicle first celebrated its global premiere in September 2017, featuring a dynamic new design and technologies.

This unit on display was brought in from Japan to serve as a preview at the show, hence the stickers stating it’s not for sale as well as Japanese text. In its country of origin, the Leaf carries a starting price of 3,150,360 yen (RM112,625).

The electric motor is an improvement over the first-generation model, now producing 38% more power and 26% more torque, at 110 kW (148 hp) and 320 Nm of torque. It also boasts a higher-capacity 40 kWh lithium-ion battery that increases its electric driving range to 378 km (following the NEDC cycle). By comparison, the previous Leaf with a 30 kWh battery can only provide a range of up to 250 km.

Another aspect that is improved is the look of the EV, which attracted polarising views in its first iteration. The new Leaf combines elements from the IDS Concept and the March for something that will likely attract more nods of approval. Other cues include the signature V-Motion grille, “boomerang” light signature and “floating roof” look.

Inside, all relevant driving and electric powertrain information are now condensed into a single instrument display instead of a dual-tier approach in the first-gen. The air-con vents, infotainment system and climate control switchgear also no longer share real estate on a “floating” centre stack.

The push start button has also been relocated below the climate controls, just above the stubby gear lever. Controls for the automated parking and e-Pedal functions are also located nearby, the latter allowing for one-pedal driving. On the mention of automation, Nissan’s ProPILOT system is present here as well, allowing for some degree of self-driving capability.