2016 Nissan Leaf 30 kWh-06

The updated Nissan Leaf has been unveiled in very unusual way in a new ad. To recap, the EV here features a new 30 kW battery, which sees the Leaf’s travel range up from 200 km to 250 km on a single charge (travel range is now up by 25%). Here, it’s being thawed from a 65 mm-thick sheet of ice at the Scandinavian Mountains in Norway.

Before this, the Nissan Leaf was running with a 24 kW lithium-ion battery pack. The new battery, sees the introduction of carbon, nitrogen and magnesium to the electrodes alongside a change in the layout of the cells. While its weight is now up by 21 kg, the new battery pack’s dimensions stays the same.

Perhaps the other feature that the video aims to promote is the remote NissanConnect EV system (Acenta and Tekna trims only), which replaces CarWings. The system has been given a revamp, in a sense that it has been simplified and redesigned. As in the video, one of the functions include a remote defrost feature that can be activated from a smart device – hence the thawed Leaf.

According to Nissan, the short ad also aims to highlight the reliability and durability of the updated Nissan Leaf, which the brand says has undergone “rigorous testing to ensure it is capable of withstanding even the most challenging driving conditions.” Similarly, Nissan offers a ‘Nordic Pack,’ which includes a battery heater to counter extremely low temperatures.

The stunt involved Norwegian ice specialist Mr. Iceman. “I have never frozen an electric car before, but it sounded like an interesting challenge, and I think the end result is stunning,” said its CEO, Jack Sternland.