The first-generation Volvo V60 has been around for a good number of years now, and is certainly due for replacement soon. Thanks to our spy photographers, we now have our first look at the second-generation model as it undergoes testing in its native Sweden.

As with previous sightings of Volvo prototypes, this V60 test mule isn’t covered with plastic body cladding in order to hide its design. At first glance, it does looks like a downsized V90, albeit with a significantly shorter rear overhang and cargo area. Dimension-wise, the new V60 will be a smaller car by comparison as well.

A familiar feature found on modern Volvos – the ‘Thor’s hammer’ daytime running lights – are well represented here. Unlike the V90, there appears to be some deviation in the design of the rear taillights, as these photos suggest. While the V90’s units extend into the tailgate, the ones seen on this mule doesn’t appear to be that way – similar to what you’ll find on the current V60.

Of course, all that camouflage makes its hard to confirm the matter, but it can’t hide the new tailgate design that has a cleaner look to it. More cladding masks the rear bumper design, although dual exhaust outlets continue to be a staple.

The new V60 will most likely be underpinned by Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), which is also used for the XC60 and other 90 Series models (XC90 and S90). A range of Drive-E petrol and diesel engines should be part of the powertrain offerings, including a plug-in hybrid. The visible charging port on the test mule is a strong indicator that a T8 Twin Engine-equipped variant will be introduced.