The latest ASEAN NCAP crash test results have been released, and alongside the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, its more utilitarian, people-carrying stablemate, the Xpander, has also been evaluated. The seven-seat SUV-styled MPV received a four-star rating from the agency, the first vehicle to attain that score since the latest testing protocol came into effect last year.

Under the new system, which accords a maximum of 50% for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), 25% for Child Occupant Protection (COP) and 25% for Safety Assist Technologies (SAT), the Xpander gets 39.08% for AOP, 18.69% for COP and 13.89% for SAT, resulting in an overall score of 71.66%.

First, we’ll look at the AOP rating, which is broken down into a frontal impact score of 14.22 points out of 16, and 13.92 points out of 16 for side impact protection. It scored zero points out of four for Head Protection Technology (HPT) as it does not come with side or curtain airbags, so it gets an overall AOP score of 28.14 points out of a maximum of 36.

Moving on to COP, the Xpander gets eight points out of 16 for frontal impact, a full eight points for side impact, 11.63 points out of 12 for ease of child seat installation, and nine points out of 13 for a vehicle-based assessment for fitment, for a total score of 36.63 points out of 49.

Lastly, the SAT score is ten points out of 18, including six points for Effective Braking and Avoidance (EBA) tech such as ABS and stability control – these items are only available on certain variants of the Xpander. The vehicle also receives three points out of six for seat belt reminders (it only has them at the front).

Additionally, the Xpander gets zero points out of two for blind spot monitoring and one out of two points for Advanced SATs – the car only gets an emergency stop signal, and isn’t available with other features in this category such as autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning.

The car tested is a Indonesian-spec Standard GLS manual model, and the Xpander is also sold in Thailand and the Philippines. Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko has already confirmed that the car will arrive on our shores later this year.