It’s the time of the year where lovers young and old get out of their busy schedule to show feelings of love and affection for their better halves. For those who are celebrating, we’re pretty sure there’s plenty to look forward to – the romantic fine dining, exquisite bouquets, fine jewellery and a ton of other exciting activities.

No matter the arrangement, we trust that you boys and girls will truly be making each other feel extra special on the year’s sweetest day. It’s going to be costly, no doubt, but let not the habit of texting and driving be the costliest lesson to be learned today.

The sun’s about to set soon, so put your best suit/dress on and them pick-up lines ready. For first timers, the trick is not to memorise, but to rehearse well. Be safe on the road guys, and don’t text and drive – not today, not ever. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!