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Another motor show, another Viziv concept car by Subaru. At next month’s Geneva Motor Show, the maker of the WRX will display the Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept, teased here via an official image.

The names of Subaru’s Viziv concepts usually hint at the type of car it previews. For instance, the Viziv Performance Concept serves as the styling base for the next WRX, while the Viziv-7 Concept from 2016 proved to be an accurate preview of the Subaru Ascent SUV that debut exactly a year later.

There’s ‘Tourer’ in the Viziv Tourer Concept’s name, and the image shows what appears to be the hatch of a wagon, so this could be an early look at the next-generation Subaru Levorg. Today’s Levorg was billed as a “Sports Tourer” at the concept stage. No details were released along with the sole teaser image, so we’ll have to wait for more.

GALLERY: Subaru Levorg