Volvo for life. That’s not the title of the video above, which is actually “Designed for Generations”, but it might as well be. It’s a heart-warming video on how Volvo has been part of a family, for generations. I may not be a diehard, but I kind of understand why fans of the brand have such deep affection for the Swedish carmaker.

The appeal of the brand is now wider too, thanks to the handsome design and classy cabins of its latest products. That good looking range is set to welcome a new member in the next-generation V60. The 2019 Volvo V60, a more compact sibling to the current V90 wagon, is the reason of the video.

“Inspired by our heritage, we’re excited to introduce a classic to a new generation. Our cars have been enjoyed, shared and held fondly in the memories of drivers and passengers for decades. In creating the new Volvo V60, we’re continuing a legacy of estates and moments for a new generation to remember. The new Volvo V60 is coming soon,” Volvo says.

Very soon. The company’s website mentions a “Facebook Interactive Live Reveal” set for February 21, and the V60 will surely make its motor show debut at Geneva next month. Word is that the new S60 sedan will be revealed later this year and both ’60’ cars will go on sale in 2019. On form and on the up.

GALLERY: Volvo V60 spyshots