There were fewer deaths recorded during this year’s Ops Selamat 12/2018, which was conducted from February 9 to 23, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festivities. According to deputy inspector-general of police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim, a total of 226 people were killed in 208 fatal accidents – a decrease from 257 deaths from 235 fatal crashes. Motorcyclists and pillion riders formed the majority of deaths with 150 deaths, followed by motorists with 46 deaths.

“Speeding, fatigue and carelessness are among the factors that caused fatal accidents,” he said in a report by The Sun. Despite the lower number of deaths this year, the total number of accidents recorded was actually higher at 21,041 cases – a 1.4% increase from last year.

The number of summonses issued was also higher at 385,547 compared to 255,392 summonses issued last year. Speeding accounted for most of the summonses issued (253,180), which is the highest number recorded for a single offence.

Noor Rashid stated the six traffic offences are driving over the speed limit, driving on emergency lanes, crossing double white lines to overtake, beating traffic lights, using mobile phones while driving and cutting queues.

“All these offences are related to the attitude or the civic-mindedness of road users and these are the main causes of road accidents in our country. A prudent driver is one who considers other drivers’ safety and his own safety. I believe we can achieve better safety on the road,” he said, adding that repeat offenders could be required to attend special classes in the future.