One of the world’s most iconic nameplates, the Toyota Supra, has just made its world debut at the 88th Geneva Motor Show, albeit in racing concept form. There’s not much to go about in terms of its hardware, but Toyota engineer Tetsuya Tada (the man behind the Supra and 86) said “a Supra without an inline-six is no Supra.”

During a roundtable session with the press, Tada told Autoblog that the Supra will in fact get a turbocharged straight-six, and that it would be relatively easy to tune. Unfortunately, there won’t be a manual version available, because according to Tada, Supra fans don’t think it’s a huge requirement. Let’s just agree to disagree with him on that, for now.

As for the six potter unit, it will most likely be a BMW engine (it’s no secret that Toyota and BMW have been co-developing the Supra/Z4), but no figures have been revealed thus far. Since a manual gearbox is off the table, expect some variant of the ZF eight-speed automatic or possibly a dual-clutch transmission to be featured instead.

Tada also told the publication that the Supra won’t get a transaxle, but it will have perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a centre of gravity that’s lower than the 86. Exactly how this is achieved is beyond us, considering that the Supra comes with a bigger, taller and longer engine as well as a shorter wheelbase. Needless to say, it’s only a matter of time before all is revealed.

For Supra fans, don’t expect supercar-beating performance from the new model. Tada said he wants the Supra to be like the 86 – fun to drive and easy to manoeuvre, while not focused solely on brute power. So, what’s your take on this, guys? Let us know in the comments section below.

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