Toyota said it would be bringing a legend to the Geneva Motor Show, and here it is, in racing form for now. This is the GR Supra Racing Concept, where the ‘GR’ in its name points towards the carmaker’s racing division, Gazoo Racing.

Like its predecessors, the new, fifth-generation Supra will get busy on the race track, although Toyota isn’t saying when this will take place. However, those with copies of Gran Turismo Sport will have the chance to get behind the wheel of the race car in April later this year.

The racing concept has plenty of aerodynamic-related bodywork on show, including wide front and rear bumpers, a front splitter and rear diffuser, side skirts and a large rear wing. Most of these components, including the bonnet (with louvred air inlets) and door mirror caps are made of a lightweight composite material that certainly looks like carbon-fibre.

The chassis itself features lowered front and rear suspension components from Toyota, coupled with Brembo brakes and BBS centre-locking racing wheels. There’s a racing exhaust too, but Toyota isn’t telling us what sort of engine it is attached too. In the case of the road-going Supra, rumours in the past point towards four- and six-cylinder turbo petrol engines from BMW, which it partnered up with for a joint sports car project.

Of course, if you were to strip away most of the racing-related exterior bits, you’d probably end up with what the customer version will look like. As far as we can tell, the design certainly matches up to what we’ve seen in previous spyshots, and is very reminiscent of the FT-1 concept from four years ago, which took over from the FT-HS concept in relation to the Supra’s revival.

In terms of dimensions, the racing concept is 4,574 mm long, 2,048 mm wide, 1,230 mm tall and has a wheelbase of 2,470 mm. Compared to the fourth-generation A80, the racing concept is longer and wider, with a lower height and less sizeable wheelbase. These figures will likely change for the production car, but they serve as good indicator in the meantime.

The wait has been a very long one, but the GR Supra Racing Concept certainly ends months of uncertainty as to what the new Toyota sports car will be called. Let’s hope the road-going version gets a reveal soon, but for now, take a bit of time to watch the throwback video below, and weep tears of joy that the Supra nameplate is back. Long live the legend?