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If the image Toyota released earlier today teasing the Supra got you all worked up, the might deflate the enthusiasm a bit. We hope that there’s no truth in this, and you probably would wish the same.

US site Autoblog shared what they found on Bimmerpost forums, where someone with the “ynguldyn” username shared details on the upcoming Toyota Supra. Apparently, ynguldyn is no regular keyboard warrior, and has a five-year history of posting scoops on the forum – he’s possibly a BMW insider.

The mystery forummer says the Supra, which is co-developed with BMW’s next-generation Z4, “will be Toyota in name and body design only” and that the two-door coupe (the Z4 will be convertible-only) will use the “same options, same colors, same interior materials” as the BMW.

There are spyshots of the familiar Supra test mule sporting a BMW-style dashboard – replete with Munich’s regular gear stick and iDrive system – which supports that theory. That however, might not be final, and we’ll discover more when the “modern racing concept” is unveiled in Geneva next month.

As for the engines under that long hood, the Bimmerpost discussion thread says that the Supra will get three engines – two four-pots and one six-cylinder unit, with the US market getting one of each. Apparently, the Supra will top out at 335 hp, while the BMW Z4 will get a 380 hp inline-six along with an M40i badge. This is in contrast to what Autocar previously reported – one inline-six in four states of tune.

There’s more. An eight-speed torque converter automatic, no manual, and market positioning below that of the Z4, which will debut this year. “The barebones 30i (US-spec four-cylinder) will have manual seat adjustments and no nav system,” ynguldyn says.

We repeat the question from this morning – would you want an auto-only Gazoo Supra that’s nothing more than a BMW Z4 with a tin top?

All rumours without basis and pure rubbish, you say. We hope so, too. Toyota has gone on record to call the Supra a “legend” and its “most iconic sports car,” so the revered nameplate deserves respect and proper treatment. A reskinned supporting act to a BMW convertible is not. We’ll see.

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