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We’re finally getting nearer, although not quite there yet. After what seems to be years of testing and teasing, the reborn Toyota Supra is a final step away from the showroom. The image you see above is a teaser released by Toyota for a “a modern racing concept” it will show at next month’s 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

So yes, the Supra is still at the concept stage, despite the press alert’s “The Legend Returns” title. However, this should be a proposal that’s close to the production car – Toyota says that the showcar it will bring to the Palexpo “signals its commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car.” Thanks for the pledge, Toyoda san.

The longest tease ever started in September 2016, when the first spyshots of the now familiar test mule surfaced. And that’s before one takes into account the Toyota FT-1 Concept from Detroit 2014. What’s known is that the Supra is co-developed as a sister car to the next-generation BMW Z4, which will make its debut this year in finalised form.

There’s been plenty of rumours surrounding the Supra, and most of it weren’t what enthusiasts wanted to hear. One was that the Supra will not have a manual gearbox. Another was that the Supra will be the launchpad for the Gazoo Racing sub-brand and will wear Gazoo badges instead of Toyota emblems. Spyshots have also revealed a BMW dashboard in the Supra mule, with Munich’s gear stick and iDrive.

Do you want an automatic Gazoo Supra that’s nothing more than a BMW Z4 with a tin top? Thought so. Which leaves plenty of room for Toyota to surprise us. Please do so, Toyoda san, for this brand icon deserves proper treatment.

And if you’re feeling generous, please consider reviving “The Three Brothers” from your golden era – the world deserves one last round of sports cars before the act of driving itself is phased out. Sports cars too deserve one last hurrah. Arigatou gozaimasu!

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