Hold the phone – the next-generation Toyota Supra captured by our spy photographers for the first time! The upcoming Japanese performance hero, built in collaboration with BMW, is in the midst of development before it is slated to go on sale in 2018 – 16 years after the last MkIV Supra left the production line in 2002.

Despite being covered in camouflage and disguise, it’s clear to see that the sports car will be heavily inspired by the stunning FT-1 concept. The pronounced nose cone, wraparound windscreen design and tall integrated rear spoiler all look to have been retained, although the mule doesn’t sport the show car’s myriad scoops that give it an outlandish aesthetic.


The exterior design is certainly better differentiated from the BMW Z5 it will be based on – which looks to retain traditional BMW roadster styling, if recent spyshots are to be believed – compared to the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twins.

The interior, however, appears to have been carried over wholesale, with the three-spoke steering wheel, freestanding centre display, semi-virtual instrument cluster and even the climate control switchgear all taken from the BMW parts bin. Perhaps the production car will have a more unique interior design.


Under the bonnet, the Supra is expected to be powered by a range of BMW-derived inline four- and six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines, with the most powerful hybrid model getting capacitors and four-wheel drive. The cars are also tipped to benefit from BMW’s expertise in carbon fibre construction, joining the likes of the BMW i3, i8 and G12 7 Series in incorporating the material in their architecture.

So, that’s the next Toyota Supra for you. Are you excited by the return of the hallowed name, or are you worried that the BMW internals and added hybrid complexity will sully it? Sound off in the comments section after the jump.


GALLERY: Toyota FT-1 Concept