If you thought Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor’s Ford F-650 was a little too “small” for your liking, maybe this is more your taste. Also present at the 2018 Malaysia Bike Week was the Sultan’s bespoke Mack Super-Liner truck – a vehicle that was previously featured on paultan.org in the past.

Powered by a MP10 16.1 litre turbodiesel straight-six engine with 685 hp and 3,150 Nm of torque, the Mack truck sends drive to the eight rear wheels via an mDrive 12-speed automated manual transmission.

In the interest of comfort and luxury, the vehicle is equipped with a Primaax RADD-A4P air suspension system and a custom 2,260 mm sleeper cabin. The latter features a kitchenette with solid Jarrah timber flooring and a stone bench top, two television sets, two iPads, an Xbox, a PlayStation 4 and a hand-built rear bumper with a hidden electric tool panel.

Design-wise, there’s plenty of chrome elements to accompany the unique Johor-themed paint job. Aside from the colours, star and crescent of the state flag, there’s also a tiger head motif representative of the Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) football team and the royal crest.

This Mack truck is one of three that were part of the Sultan of Johor’s Kembara Mahkota Johor (KMJ) royal tour in 2016. It was a sight to behold back then, and it still is today, don’t you think?