The land public transport system in Malaysia is now more efficient, modern and reliable than it was under the administration of previous prime ministers, said current PM Najib Tun Razak according to Bernama.

“The focus (then) was more on private vehicles or passenger cars that the roads, especially in the Klang Valley, became congested. The owners (companies in the public transport sector) operated on their own. This posed a constraint to the country’s economic development,” he said.

Najib also added that the previous leader did not prioritise land public transportation, which led to its disorientation because it wasn’t integrated. Positive measures had been taken by the government to improve the situation, said the prime minister, who is also the finance minister.

“For example, the traffic situation in Kuala Lumpur is not as bad as before after the first MRT line from Sungai Buloh to Kajang was completed. And, God willing, (the MRT) Line 2 is being built from Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya , while Line 3 is being planned and when all are ready, the whole of Klang Valley will be one of the areas with the most modern public transport in the world,” he said.

The electric train service had also become a popular mode of transport especially for people residing in Tanjong Malim and Ipoh, who use the service as a mode of daily transport.

“This shows the life style in Malaysia will change and when we stay in the rural areas, we get to buy a bigger house with a bigger compound at the same price. So, the quality of life will improve and value of land will also increase, just like in the towns,” Najib said.