Perodua has introduced a new item to its official GearUp accessories range. The Smart Bluetooth TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) lets motorists keep track of their vehicle’s tyre pressure in real time.

The locally developed and manufactured product has an introductory price of RM385 until June 30 this year, after which it will be priced at RM430. As with all GearUp accessories, a six-month warranty is offered.

“With the Smart Bluetooth TPMS, Perodua has become the first carmaker in Malaysia to introduce a mobile app-enabled tyre pressure monitoring system as an original accessory. We at Perodua take pride in championing a home-grown product and in doing so, contributing to the local automotive ecosystem,” said Perodua Sales MD Datuk Dr Zahari Husin, who added that tyres running on correct pressure prolongs tyre life, helps reduce fuel consumption and aids the car’s overall safety.

The product comprises four individual tyre sensors and an in-car device. The tyre sensors, which screw on to the tyre valves (in place of the standard valve caps) transmit information via Bluetooth to the in-car device.

The device has four lights representing the four tyres of the car. If the pressure on any of the tyres falls below 8% of the recommended values, a beeping sound will be emitted and the corresponding lights on the device will light up.

Users can also download the FOBO Tire mobile app for real-time data on the car’s tyre pressures and temperatures via Bluetooth. The app also stores the data on the cloud for the viewing of other invited users, such as family members.

To prevent theft, the individual tyre sensors can be locked using an included lock nut spanner. The tyre sensors are powered by coin-cell batteries while the in-car smart device is powered by two AA batteries (all batteries are included). The in-car device has a built-in motion sensor – it goes into sleep mode to save battery when no motion is detected.

Perodua has of late introduced practical items to its GearUp accessories range, in addition to styling items and bodykits. Last October, the market leader introduced child seats for infants and toddlers priced from just RM660. Ticking GearUp accessories when you buy a new Perodua means that the cost of the items can be factored into the loan amount as well.