For those who are looking to dress up their 2018 Perodua Myvi, here’s a treat: the latest generation of Malaysia’s favourite compact car can be outfitted with the manufacturer’s GearUp accessories right from the outset. Four packages are available for the 2018 Myvi – the Premium Package, Executive Package, Lifestyle Package and the Utility Package; all GearUp packages are supported with a six-month warranty.

First up, the Premium Package, which is available for the 1.5 litre variants only and retailing at RM1,250 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM1,275.65 in East Malaysia. For the exterior, this includes a chrome grille garnish, chrome side mirror garnish, side door moulding with chrome line, chrome back door garnish, chrome window garnish, chrome rear bumper garnish, and rear skirting, while the interior receives chrome scuff plates.

Next in line is the Executive Package, which is available for all variants, priced at RM900 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM917.95 for East Malaysia. The package follows the contents of the Premium Package, however omitting the interior chrome scuff plates and rear skirting.

The Lifestyle Package follows suit at RM700 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM714.45 for East Malaysia, also available for all variants, this time omitting the chrome window garnish and rear bumper garnish from the Executive package. Rounding up the GearUp quartet is the Utility Package at RM320 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM326.60 for East Malaysia, comprising door visors, a luggage tray and coil mats.

For those who prefer to cherry pick their preferred GearUp accessories, you can do so as well. This allows for different configurations to be made, with various exterior and interior style items being made available, as are add-on and comfort accessories. The full list of items, with their pricing, are provided below.

Kicking off with the exterior style kit – the chrome front grille garnish is priced at RM250 for Peninsular Malaysia (RM255.05 in East Malaysia), chrome back door garnish at RM200 (RM203.95), side mirror chrome garnish at RM120 (RM122.20), side door moulding with chrome line at RM250 (RM255.05), chrome rear bumper garnish at RM150 (RM152.85), chrome window garnish also at RM150 (RM152.85), and rear skirting (for 1.5 litre variants only) at RM300 (RM306.15).

Interior style items are also available a la carte, including lux velvet-trimmed seat covers for detachable head rests (for 1.3 X and 1.5 H variants), and the same for pillow type head rests (for the 1.3 G variant only); both configurations are priced at RM750 (RM763.70 for East Malaysia).

Meanwhile, the add-on and comfort accessories can be specified for all variants of the 2018 Myvi; these include the coil mats for RM150 (RM153.30 in East Malaysia), door visors for RM150 (RM152.85), chrome scuff plates for RM120 (RM122.20), luggage tray for RM100 (RM102.20), door comfort kit for RM450 (RM457.55), and a hood insulator for RM72 (RM73.60).

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