Here are spy images of the latest, hottest Lamborghini tipped to emerge soon – the Aventador SV Jota. As the name implies, this forthcoming model will build upon the capabilities of the Aventador Superveloce LP750-4, which boasts of 750 hp and 690 Nm of torque from its naturally aspirated, 6.5 litre V12 engine.

Historically, the Jota moniker was affixed to Raging Bulls past that were even more performance-focused variants of the cars they were based upon, such as the Miura P400 Jota which received a weight reduction and engine output gains in its quest for greater performance. A similar approach is expected here, with the forthcoming Aventador SV Jota tipped to come closer to 800 hp.

Technologies already on current models such as rear-wheel steering on the Aventador S can be expected here, perhaps with more aggressive calibration to suit the new car’s character, while interior appointments could be a more stripped-out affair relative to the Aventador S. Various drive modes can be expected too, as can the TFT instrument display.

Aerodynamics will be key to the car’s performance, and here the rear-end treatment on the Jota appears – to these eyes at least – slightly less aggressive than on the previous SV, though its similarities with the Huracan Performante in using the large wing and higher-set exhaust exits could make room for an adaptation of the V10 car’s drag reduction system.

A supercar of this caliber will be a limited-run product, and it is highly likely that if you aren’t already in the queue for an Aventador SV Jota, you’ll probably have missed out. Fret not though; just as the previous Aventador SV spawned a Roadster version, so the Jota is likely to have an al fresco pairing come along later. All the better to savour a high-revving V12 with.

GALLERY: 2015 Lambrghini Aventador SV LP750-4