In response to the Ministry of Finance directive that goods and services tax (GST) will be set at 0% effective June 1, BMW Motorrad Malaysia has released an updated price list for their motorcycle models. BMW Motorrad stated that the 0% GST rate will remain in effect till further notice is received from the Ministry of Finance.

This reduction in tax does make some of the BMW Motorrad models slightly more attractive to the rider who purchases brand new. Its best-selling model, the R1200 GS adventure bike in base trim now goes for RM97,100, down RM5,800 from RM102,900.

The bigger R1200 GS Adventure goes from RM114,900 to RM108,421, a drop of RM6,479. Reductions at the lower of the scale are much less, of course, with the G310 GS going for RM28,223, down RM1,677 and the mid-range F800 GS now priced at RM58,415, down from RM61,900.

In the sports bike stage, the R1200 RS sports-tourer can be yours for RM96,157, a reduction of RM5,743 from the GST attached priced of RM101,900. Meanwhile, the S1000 RR super bike is now priced at RM102,761 from RM108,900, dropping RM6,139 with the removal of GST.

As for the naked sports category in BMW Motorrad’s catalogue, the top-of-the-range R1200 R goes from RM97,900 to RM92,383 while the G310 R shows a less significant drop of RM1,508, going from RM26,900 to RM25,392. In the touring category, BMW Motorrad’s big six-cylinder machine, the K1600 GTL drops RM9,592 from RM169,900 to RM160,308.

Greatest savings comes from the track-only HP4 Race, dripping in carbon-fibre and going to RM491,420 from RM520,900, a drop of RM29,480. What do you think dear reader? Is this enough to make you feel the effort of changing the government was worth it?