The transport ministry will introduce an automated system for driving tests, with a pilot project set to take place in Johor within one or two months. This is according to transport minister Anthony Loke in a report by The Star, who said the move would help curb the ‘kopi-o’ license culture in Malaysia.

“There will be no examiner sitting next to learner drivers. We will use an automated process, with the circuit equipped with CCTVs and cables,” said Loke. With this system, the learner drivers’ skills would be evaluated by an examiner from a control room, minimising the need for human intervention.

Should an applicant fail the test because he or she believes it was because no duit kopi (under-the-counter bribe) was paid, an appeal can be made based on evidence from the cameras.

Loke also said the ministry was aware of “guaranteed pass” packages being offered to those who want to obtain a driving license. “Some openly advertise these packages on Facebook, promising their customers that they could obtain a license without having to sit for the test. But we are determine to change this kind of culture,” he said.