It is assumed that automakers in the premium segment make a boatload of money with each car they sell but according to a study by German economics professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, this isn’t necessarily true.

In his study, Dudenhöffer looked at the average profit for every car sold by luxury car brands in the first half of the year. At the very top is Ferrari, which made an average of 69,000 euros (RM324,516) for every car it sold – not much of a surprise given the prices of their cars and accompanying Tailor Made personalisation programme.

Coming in second place is Porsche, which earned an average of 17,000 euros (RM79,953) for each car it sold during the same period. The German company is even more profitable than its compatriots – Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz – which earned around 3,000 euros (RM14,112) per car.

Other names mentioned include Maserati with an operating profit of 5,000 euros (RM23,520) per car and Jaguar Land Rover with an average of just 800 euros (RM3,763).

While these companies earned money each time its cars are sold, others like Tesla and Bentley faced the opposite. In the case of the electric car maker, each car delivered costs the company 11,000 euros (RM51,756), while Bentley’s losses were marked at around 17,000 euros (RM79,896) per car.