Ferrari has introduced a new low temperature paint system which was developed in collaboration with PPG. The Italian carmaker is the first to adopt the Low Cure clear coats technology, helping it improve its sustainability in the process.

The new two-component paint system employs a specially formulated clear coat which makes it possible for the car to be baked at 100 degrees instead of 150 degrees, reducing energy costs as a result. Additionally, the Low Cure resins also a new hardener that makes the paint more resistant to water and other contaminants.

A more significant plus point of the new paint system is the ability to bake carbon-fibre and composite components together with the bodyshell, allowing for better colour uniformity between the various body components.

By combining metallic basecoats with a gloss or matte pigmented clear coat, Ferrari has managed to produce no fewer than 61 different basecoat colours with the new technology. Previously in 2004, it became one of the first companies in the world to introduce a water-based paint system which lowered the environmental impact of its cars.