First things first, turn up the volume or your speakers, headphones or earphones because Lexus is about to treat your ears to some music. With the LC 500 being the “virtuoso” delivering the performance, this is Exit Music, a short film that celebrates the glory that is the coupe’s naturally aspirated V8 engine.

The story starts on the seventh floor of the Bristol’s Cabot Circus multi-storey car park, with stunt driver and three-time British Rally Champion Mark Higgins getting inside a brightly coloured LC 500 and firing up the 5.0 litre V8.

From there, controlled use of the car’s throttle, brakes and steering result in the LC 500 powersliding between pillars and descending the car park’s spiral ramps. Along the way, the aural range of the coupe is demonstrated from idle right up to the 7,300 rpm redline. The noise from the engine goes hand in hand with those originating from the Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubbers.

Lexus has gone to great lengths to ensure that the LC 500 sounds as good as it looks and drives, combining the noise produced by the air intake at the front of the car and the exhaust system at the rear.

The air intake itself is fitted with a sound generator that maximises the desired sound frequency and level. Its opening is connected directly to the car’s cowl reinforcement, to generate reverberation in the enclosed space, giving the sound a natural quality.

As for the rear, extra valves in the front section of the main exhaust silencer open and close depending on the throttle input. The length and diameter of the main silencer pipe were also precisely calculated to create an exciting exhaust note.

With these two elements in play, the area between them is faced with a “concert hall” effect, allowing the “virtuoso’s work” to be experienced at its best.

“The LC is a lovely car and it looks gorgeous. It gives you everything you want in terms of luxury but it’s fun to drive as well. And the sound it made through that car park at two in the morning was amazing – it echoed out all over Bristol. It’s a car that I would be very, very happy to drive every day,” said Higgins.

GALLERY: Lexus LC 500