Toyota has said that it is in talks with China’s Geely about cooperation in petrol-electric hybrid vehicle technology, but nothing has been decided on the matter, Reuters reports. The Japanese giant and champion of hybrids told the newswire in a statement that it and Geely are currently “communicating with each other” about hybrid tech.

While it was not immediately clear in what aspects of hybrid tech Geely and Toyota are discussing, a person familiar with the matter said that the talks apparently involve a Chinese supplier of battery technology that both companies are already associated with, but separately.

“Toyota has been conducting the business with the open policy which also applies to the area of electrification technologies. The relationship with Geely (that Toyota is exploring) is also based on this open policy,” the statement said. The response comes after a Chinese media report said Geely was working with Toyota on hybrid tech, and that details would be announced soon. Geely declined comment.

The Reuters report points out that the move comes as Japan’s top carmaker has been increasingly embracing new technologies for future growth. It has also embarked on a strategy to ramp up sales in China, which is now the world’s biggest auto market. Toyota has been selling hybrid versions of the Corolla and Levin in China since 2015 and plans to sell plug-in hybrid versions of the sedans there next year.

Geely’s new B-segment Modular Architecture (BMA) platform was designed to accommodate various powertrain options, including plug-in hybrid, regular hybrid and mild hybrid configurations as part of the brand’s Multi-Power system. The Bo Rui GE, Geely’s flagship sedan, has belt-driven starter generator MHEV and PHEV options, but not a Toyota-style conventional hybrid.