Waze has officially announced its integration with Apple CarPlay. As one of the first navigation apps on the platform, the Waze integration will allow millions of CarPlay users the opportunity to seamlessly use Waze features directly from their in-car display.

If your car or head unit is equipped with CarPlay, and you have the Waze app on your iPhone, just connect the device to the car with a USB cable or wireless connection for Waze to be displayed on the car’s touchscreen. The integration ensures that Waze’s features are specially tailored to the operating system and user interface of CarPlay.

The usual Waze features apply. One can go straight to home and work pre-programmed favourites, check routes before they head out, report incidents and receive visual and audio alerts to stay informed.

Malaysia is home to 5.9 million monthly active Waze users, most of whom have been using the app on their phones. This Waze-CarPlay integration would allow iOS users to use the app without mounting a phone on the dash, or looking at a small portrait screen, something that Android Auto users have long done away with. On most cars, this should improve safety.

Waze for Apple CarPlay will begin rolling out today.