Like it has done in years past, Daihatsu will again be heading to the Tokyo Auto Salon with a host of show cars all kitted for the occasion. The 2019 line-up for the event, which takes place next month at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, will include the Copen Coupe, which was announced earlier this week.

The Coupe, which will be a limited edition run of 200 units, won’t be the only one Copen with the attention – a sported-up version of the soft-top Cero will also be on display, and the Cero Sports Premium Version firms up the presentation with contrasting bodystyling elements, including a chrome grille and sportier-looking alloys.

The same approach finds its way on to the Boon Style Elegant, which also features plenty of shiny bits playing off the dark blue exterior. The automaker will also be presenting the Mira Tocot – which recently took home the Small Mobility award at the 2018-2019 Japan Car of the Year awards – in two styles.

The first is the Tocot Active, which gets a new bumper with an enhanced grille cutout, a retro-styled roof rack and light beige wheels playing off a light teal-like paint scheme. The Tocot Elegant, meanwhile, offers a large chrome mesh grille, twin five-spoke alloys and a more sedate white exterior.

The Move Canbus also makes the line-up, with a Hatsune Miku Limited Package being the prepped model. As its name suggests, the vehicle is a homage to the video game Vocaloid character, the exterior shade essentially mimicking the character’s hair colour. The retro feel continues with this one, from the styling of the roof rack to the design of the wheels.

Next, the Thor Custom Premium, which fans of huge chromed grilles will absolutely adore for sure. The Hijet pick-up hasn’t been left out, its workman-like presentation snazzed up to hipster levels through the Jumbo California Construction Store and Marche concepts. Aside from these funky creations, the company is also bringing its restored 1968 Daihatsu P5 racer to the Tokyo Auto Salon