As car guys, we’ve pretty much seen it all, from the breathtakingly gorgeous to copycatters and the downright wacky. But sometimes, even we get surprised by avid builders, or in this case a group of students from the Nihon Automotive Technology School (NATS).

Presented before your eyes in all its yellow glory is a jacked up Toyota 86 that’s been hacked into the body of a pick-up truck. Before you wail your way into hysteria, note that the donor car (Toyota 86) had previously been used as a project car for former senior students known as NATS Extreme.

For this project, the team created a custom front bumper that looks like the Lamborghini Urus, and fitted the rear end with a cargo bed that comes with a sports bar. The 86’s original tail lights are retained, and the rump gets an integrated ducktail spoiler to go with the chiselled apron and diffuser.

Of course, who can see past those huge riveted fenders? Those house a set of gigantic 20-inch wheels wrapped with Nitto all-terrain tyres. Suspension-wise, expect the 86’s factory setup to be largely overhauled. Otherwise, not much else is known of this Urus 86 concept.

You must be wondering, are the concept models made by NATS students only focus on looks, and can they actually be driven on the road? Well, for your info, NATS has about 750 students and four courses – basically, all students must sit through a management course for two years in order to be certified as a Class 2 mechanic in Japan.

Once that’s done, the students can choose to further their studies into three other fields, which are motorsports (one year), customise (one year) or research (two years). No prizes for guessing which group is responsible for the Urus 86, then.

After the show, the NATS Urus 86 will be put through on-road tests according to Japan’s ministry of transport’s standards. Once it’s given the green light to be used legally on the road, the students will have to run a more realistic road test called Test Run Caravan. If all is well, the students will pass and thus be able to graduate from NATS.