Mercedes-Benz has released yet another teaser for the upcoming C118 CLA ahead of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While the German carmaker is pretty coy about revealing the model’s exterior, it has no such problems with the interior.

The video in question specifically highlights a function that turns on the interior light with a gesture-based system, which is demonstrated when the unknown person reaches over to the passenger side for items. Mercedes-Benz calls this function ‘Interior Assistant’ and it will likely be able to do a lot more than being a motion-activated light.

While we’re inside, we can also see the new CLA’s Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system, which is a common fitment in many of the company’s recent compact models like the A-Class, A-Class Sedan and B-Class. Even the centre console bears a lot of similarity with some of those models.

This particular CLA appears to be an ‘Edition 1’ variant, based on the script found in the upper right of the dashboard. As such, it will likely come with some additional equipment as standard, and receive enhancements to its styling.

Built on the new Modular Front Architecture (MFA2) platform, the CLA is expected to sport the same engines from the A-Class, which include the Renault-derived M282 1.33 litre turbo four-cylinder petrol and Mercedes’ own 2.0 litre unit, plus a 1.5 litre diesel. There will also likely be two high-performance AMG versions, including a 306 PS CLA 35 and a CLA 45 with upwards of 400 PS.

GALLERY: C118 Mercedes-Benz CLA spyshots