Plenty of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming National Automotive Policy (NAP) review, what with the change of government and the subsequent mooting of the New National Car Project (NNCP). Among the biggest unknowns is the status of the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) programme, which currently provides incentives for fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles.

At the Malaysian Automotive Association’s (MAA) annual press conference today, president Datuk Aishah Ahmad expressed hopes that the programme will continue in its current form, saying that it has benefited car companies as a whole by ensuring that car prices remained competitive.

“I think the most important with the new government is to continue with the 2014 NAP that is the EEV incentives to continue and to support all industry players that have EEV vehicles.” she said. “This is [so that] customers are willing to purchase, are able to afford the cars that we sell.”

According to Aishah, 18,754 hybrid vehicles were sold last year, compared to 13,650 units in 2017. By comparison, just two EVs found homes in 2018, down from the 11 the year before – although the upcoming launch of the new Nissan Leaf in the middle of the year should bring a positive change on that front.