Proton has revealed that for the first month of 2019, it registered a total of 7,007 units, which translates to an estimated market share of 14.5%.

According to the national carmaker, its January 2019 sales result represents a 33.6% increase from what it recorded in December 2018. On a year-to-year basis, the figure is a 46.5% gain over January 2018.

The X70 was instrumental to Proton’s sales performance, accounting for 2,777 units delivered – a record for C-segment SUV registrations in a single calendar month, the company claims.

Focusing away from sales, Proton also revealed that there are currently 74 3S/4S outlets in operation that all conform to its new standards and corporate image, with more set to open throughout the year. The company is looking to boost its Sales Service Index (SSI) and Customer and Service Index (CSI) target scores with this initiative.

“Proton is thankful to be able to start 2019 on a positive note. We already knew we would end the month with the most 3S/4S outlets in the industry but the market-leading sales growth rate figure and the record-setting number of SUV registrations is due to the humbling support we have received from Malaysian car buyers,” said Li Chunrong, CEO of Proton.

“There is still a long way to go for the brand to fully recover but we will strive to continue to deliver a premium experience at our outlets while improving our model offerings,” he added.

For the month of February, Proton is aiming to maintain its sales momentum by offering its ang pow promotion in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festivities, where buyers will be eligible for savings worth up to RM4,000.

“In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Proton would like to continue to reward its customers with extra incentives for buying a brand new Proton car. The company would also like to wish all Malaysians a happy Chinese New Year and remind them to drive safely during the festive period,” added Li.