New Renault chairman, Jean-Dominique Senard (left)

Nissan is not keen to have the same person appointed to the chairperson role at both Nissan itself and at alliance partner Renault, Bloomberg has reported. This means that the Japanese brand is also resisting the appointment of new Renault chairman Jean-Dominique Senard as its own chairman, according to Bloomberg‘s unnamed source; this was the case under former leader Carlos Ghosn.

The board at Nissan plans to wait for a governance committee report before making a final decision, the source added. “Discussions on this topic will take place after the special committee for improving governance submits its recommendations, and after Senard has officially joined Nissan’s board,” the Japanese automaker said in a statement.

Nissan chief executive officer Hiroto Saikwawa has criticised Ghosn for holding too much authority and making decisions that were not in the best interests of Nissan, and the Japanese firm is seeking a review of the leadership structure, Bloomberg noted. According to the news outlet’s source, Senard’s initial contacts with Saikawa went well, though Nissan is opposed to having Senard at the top for fear of conflict of interest.

Previously, Ghosn was chairman of both Nissan and Renault as well as Mitsubishi, the latter also an alliance partner. Ghosn was arrested last November over allegations of financial misconduct, and was subsequently removed from his positions as chairman and representative director at Nissan.

Upon making his first appearance since his arrest in January, Ghosn has denied any wrongdoing, though results which emerged from a Nissan-Mitsubishi joint investigation found that the former joint chairman received 7.82 million euros in improper payments.

As for Renault, the French government owns a 15% stake in the automaker and is its largest shareholder, giving it influence over decisions which also affect Nissan. However, the French government’s position is that it is up to the Nissan board to decide its next chairman, said a person familiar with the matter according to Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Nissan plans to appoint Senard to its board as director following a shareholder vote on April 8, and Ghosn – along with his long-time aide, Greg Kelly – will be removed at the same time, the news outlet added.