Good news for those who rely on the KTM Komuter train service. Transport minister Anthony Loke announced yesterday a 20% discount for all KTM Komuter fares on all sectors (Klang Valley, Northern, Southern) starting from April 1, 2019.

The cabinet approved the discount for both cash and cashless payments. Currently, those who pay for rides with Touch n Go get 20% off board rates, and this will be retained post April. Separately, there’s a concession discount of 50% for students, senior citizens, children and the disabled.

In a statement, the transport ministry said that with this fare discount, KTM Komuter riders will get to reduce their monthly expenses for public transport fares. The saved amount can be used to support other expenses such as food and accommodation, which are the biggest costs other than transport.

“Cost of transport has been identified as the third highest expenditure incurred in Malaysia and we want to help reduce this cost. This 20% is for Malaysians and is on top of the 20% discount already on offer for cashless sales. For example those using MyKad and Touch n Go will get up to 40% discount starting April 1,” Loke told the media.

The minister said that the idea for the KTM discount came about after Malaysians asked for it following the successful recent introduction of Rapid My100 and My50 unlimited passes. The My100 pass offers 30 days of unlimited rides on the LRT, MRT, KL Monorail, BRT Sunway lines and buses, while the My50 is a monthly pass for Rapid KL buses excluding the BRT.