With electrification of vehicles coming ever closer, performance motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is teaming up with China scooter maker V Moto, based in Nanjing, China. V Moto currently produces the Super Soco brand of e-bikes and its electric scooter is the CUx.

The announcement was made by V Moto, saying the agreement will be for “official products under the license of Ducati”. According to V Moto, the e-scooter will be a for a luxury version of the scooter at a premium price, reports electrek.co.

The new Ducati e-scooter will be distributed and sold via V Moto’s current dealer network but marketing aspects will come under the purview of Ducati.

While Ducati has previously said it was developing an electric motorcycle, this deal “will allow Ducati’s fans to have the opportunity to access premium and high quality 2-wheel electric vehicles supplied by Vmoto and create more confidence to Vmoto’s expanding distributors especially in Europe,” said Charles Chen, managing director of V Moto.

The CUx is powered by a 2.8 kW Bosch electric motor – the equivalent of 3.75 hp – and has a top speed of 45 km/h. A 1.8 kWh 60-volt battery pack with a recharge time of between seven to eight hours gives up to 75 km of range and a front facing dash mounted camera performs as a dash cam and action camera.