Here’s another interesting update on the upcoming Kia XCeed. At launch, the new coupe-SUV will debut with Kia’s first fully-digital 12.3-inch Supervision driver instrument cluster. With this, Kia says the XCeed will be one of the most technologically advanced compact cars when it gets launched – the car will make its official debut on June 26, 2019.

Now, the display itself, while basic-looking, is actually pretty high-res (1,920 x 720 pixel). Kia claims that the digital gauges are pin-sharp, with a fast frame-rate that enables them to react quickly and smoothly to instructions and inputs from the driver. Between the dials is a multi-function display, where drivers are fed with navigational data (including live traffic update), multimedia info, phone calls and an in-depth trip information.

Other displays include fuel readings, vehicle diagnostics alerts, as well as pop-up notifications linked to the car’s suite of active safety and driver assist technologies. The available Driver Attention Warning system helps advise drivers to take a break when signs of fatigue are detected.

When turning the car on and off, the cluster plays a short graphic of the car in motion, and displays a summary of the drive. This shows the time and distance driven, the average fuel consumption, and the estimated distance remaining based on current fuel levels.

XCeed models fitted with the Drive Mode Select system will get adaptable graphics. For example, in Normal mode, it provides current fuel consumption reading, speedometer, odometer, and trip information. In Sport mode, the system puts out a more prominent display of vehicle and engine speeds, with a larger, clearer read-out of the car’s current speed and engine RPM. Non-essential information is hidden away in Sport mode, minimising visual distractions.

Moving forward, the digital instrument panel will be adapted to feature eco gauges. Kia’s upcoming range of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles will also receive the unit in the near future, with the added display of energy flow between the batteries and electric motors.

Kia Europe’s CEO, Emilio Herrera said: “Our new Supervision digital instrument cluster is one of a number of optional new technologies that will be available with the Kia XCeed. Boasting a wide range of features, particularly on higher-spec models, this cluster will play an important role in displaying critical information to the driver in a clear, unobtrusive way. It will be adapted for other Kia models in future, as we seek new ways to display useful and critical information to drivers on-the-move.”