They say red is the colour of passion with which many have strong feelings for, be it positively or negatively. To some, it signifies violence, but today, the various shades of red are tightly intertwined with romance.

Okay, that may not be entirely accurate, but we’re car guys, not love gurus. Even so, one can’t help but gawk at some of the striking red cars plying the streets, with Mazda and Ferrari being prime examples. Since it’s trendy, Honda, too, wants to hop onto the bandwagon.

Enter the Honda City, now available with Passion Red Pearl. This hue is much more striking than the older Dark Ruby Red Pearl, which it replaces. According to Honda Malaysia, Dark Ruby Red Pearl was quite evidently popular among HR-V customers, accounting for 30% of the compact SUV’s sales.

With this new paint, who knows, maybe you’ll finally find your one true love, like Kamal did. But remember guys, always get into her parents’ good books, because while red equals love, disapproval can sometimes lead to violence. Jokes aside, we hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we did shooting it!