Another day, another concept car. Here we have the Hyundai 45 Concept, a pure electric concept car that previews the Korean automaker’s take on its future cars. This particular model puts a twist on its 45-year-old icon, the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept.

There’s more to the number 45 than the name suggests – the diamond-shaped front and rear silhouette are cut at a 45-degree angle, a visual cue which Hyundai claims to foreshadow its future EV cars. This, it says, strips away complexity, celebrating the clean lines and minimalistic structure of the original coupe concept.

Styled based on the Sensuous Sportiness design language, the 45 gets a distinctive lattice radiator grille with a ‘kinetic cube lamp’ design. No cascading grille here, so make of that what you will. Over to the back, the concept features a steep fastback profile, which signifies stability and dynamism. The tail lights take after the same style as the headlights, and the massive two-tone wheels complete the modern retro look.

Other visual details include a special garnish on the bottom of the door which highlights the car’s long-distance battery capability, as well as active LED lights that inform the driver of the remaining drive range. These elements are said to be designed for someone who is experience an electric car for the first time.

As typical of a concept car, there are no physical side mirrors, because Hyundai says they collect dirt over time and hampers visibility. Instead, they are replaced by embedded turntable modules, which rotate the camera lens past a brush to ensure perfect visibility at all times. Unseen to the eye is the Camera Monitoring System (CMS), which enables self-driving features.

On the inside, the dominant theme is ‘Style Set Free’, otherwise known as Hyundai’s strategy for future mobility that emphasises personalisation of design and function. With that, the cabin becomes more of a living space, with swivelling front seats and ample use of wood, fabric and leather, much like home furnitures.

Rear occupants benefit from a lounge chair-style bench, whereas the driver and front passenger get to fiddle with the projection-beam infotainment system. This replaces a single central touchscreen with a series of displays and functions integrated into the dashboard itself. The door pockets are large enough for tablets and laptops to be stored, and the material is transparent.

As you would’ve guessed by now, the battery which provides power to the electric motor is stored underneath the carpeted floor, thus maximising interior space. So far, no technical details have been revealed as yet, so watch this space for more updates.

GALLERY: Hyundai 45 EV Concept press photos