Alongside the full-sized 2020 Land Rover Defender, popular Danish toy brick maker Lego has also introduced the Lego Technic version of Solihull’s reborn off-roader, aiming to replicate the car’s standout features and accessories. Just like the real deal, this is a pretty hefty set, weighing in at 2,573 pieces.

The Defender’s slab-sided design, seen here in short-wheelbase 90 form, makes for a fairly faithful recreation in brick form. All of the design cues have been ported over, including the slim grille, square headlights with large round cans, silver front bumper, prominent bonnet, squared-off wheel arches and upright glasshouse.

The model – which measures 42 cm long, 20 cm wide and 22 cm tall – will be available in olive green, grey or black, with a contrasting white roof and the same six-spoke wheels available on the actual Defender. You’ll also be able to fit some of the neat accessories that Land Rover offers in its own catalogue.

These include a working winch (though I’m not sure if it too can pull nearly twice its own weight), a side-mounted pannier and a roof ladder. The removable roof rack, on the other hand, holds all the gear you’ll need for a serious off-road adventure, including a storage box and traction mats.

Inside, you’ll find four seats and a working steering wheel, and you can also twist the rear-mounted spare wheel to open the side-opening tailgate. Folding the rear seats forward, meanwhile, exposes the model’s party piece – a full working transmission.

Lego says this is the most sophisticated Technic gearbox yet, even though it has half the ratios of the Defender’s ZF automatic – four speeds instead of eight. Still it has a low-range ratios and two levers to control them all, the latter you can’t find on the real thing.

There’s also a moving straight-six engine that replicates the car’s 3.0 litre Ingenium petrol unit, which features a 48-volt mild hybrid system and produces 400 PS and 550 Nm of torque. The Lego Technic Defender will retail in stores globally on October 1, priced at RM899.90.

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