• Lego Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP drops August 1

    Lego Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP drops August 1

    Since we don’t officially get the Yamaha MT-10 in Malaysia, the Lego Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP might be the next best thing, priced at USD 239.99 (RM1,116).

    Entering public sale on August 1, this Technic set contains 1,478 pieces and joins the Lego catalogue alongside the BMW Motorrad M1000RR released in 2021.

    Measuring some 440 mm long by 150 mm wide and standing 250 mm tall, the MT-10 SP mimics a real-life MT-10 as closely as possible. This includes a replica of Yamaha’s inline four-cylinder Crossplane engine along with working three-speed transmission and chain final drive.

    Gearbox elements include a shift drum, a shift fork, a gear shift ring and a ratchet drum. Suspension operation for the front and rear is also replicated, although the Technic model eschews the real world’s electronic semi-active suspension.

    The model also includes functional steering via inputs to the handlebar, a side stand and a display stand. For added interaction, the Lego AR app allows you to experience your Technic model in a different way.

    Online orders for the Lego Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP opens August 1.

  • Lego 42156 Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar to debut on May 1

    Lego 42156 Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar to debut on May 1

    The latest Lego Technic creation is a 1:10 model of the Peugeot 9X8 Hybrid Hypercar. The 1,775 piece set has been given the code 42156 and will be priced at US$199.99, set for a May 1 2023 launch date.

    Peugeot uses the 9X8 Hybrid to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. It is equipped with a 680 horsepower 2.6 litre twin turbocharged V6 engine with a 272 horsepower electric motor integrated into a 7-speed sequential gearbox. The motor is powered by a 900V battery system.

    Lego and Peugeot says it took a whole year of collaborative work to translate the physical car into a Lego Technic model. The 1:10 scale gives it a measurement of 50cm long, 22cm wide and 13cm tall.

    LINK: Buy the Lego 42156 Peugeot 9X8

  • Lego 10317 Classic Defender 90 – 2,336 piece set in launching on April 4 to keep 42110 Defender company

    Lego 10317 Classic Defender 90 – 2,336 piece set in launching on April 4 to keep 42110 Defender company

    Lego will be launching a new Land Rover set on April 4, 2023 based on the Defender 90. It’s part of the Lego Icons range, and will consist of 2,336 pieces.

    We’ve already seen a Defender from Lego back in 2020, but that was the Lego Technic 42110 based on the latest version of the Defender. This Lego 10317 is based on the classic Defender 90.

    The Lego 10317 set can build two different versions of the classic Defender 90 – one that looks pretty much stock, and another more hardcore offroader version with a winch, a snorkel, and a roof rack. Once built, the Classic Defender 90 model will have a functional steering and a working suspension.

    The Classic Defender 90 set will cost US$239.99 according to Lego’s website, and VIP sales will start a few days earlier on April 1, 2023.

    In Malaysia, we have seen the Lego 101317 Defender going for between RM909 to RM1,139.90 from various sellers on Shopee.

    LINK: Lego 101317 Defender – from RM909

    If you want to pick up the 42110 set based on the modern Defender, it’s been around since 2020 so you can do that too.

  • Lego Technic Ford GT set coming in March 2023

    Lego Technic Ford GT set coming in March 2023

    Lego has announced a new Lego Technic #42154 set based on a Ford GT, with a release date scheduled for March 2023. It will have a retail price of US$119.99. Timely, considering the 1,350 unit production run for the Ford GT has just ended in December 2022.

    It’s a 1,466 piece 1/12 scale set, so it’s not as complicated as the 1/8 scale Ferrari Daytona SP3 which has 3,778 pieces, the 1/8 scale Lamborghini Sian with 3,696 pieces, or the 1/8 scale Bugatti Chiron which has 3,599 pieces. Instead, it’s probably closer to the Ford F150 Raptor set which has 1,379 pieces.

    The Lego Technic Ford GT will feature rear wheel drive, a V6 engine that can move, independent four wheel suspension, front axle steering, a moving spoiler, as well as doors and a hood that can open.

    Of course, it’s finished in classic Ford GT colours – blue with white stripes. Are you looking forward to ordering and building one of these in March this year?

    LINK: Buy the Lego Technic #42154 Ford GT for RM599.90

    GALLERY: Ford GT at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

  • R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R from 2 Fast 2 Furious joins Lego Speed Champions – available from Jan 2023

    R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R from <em>2 Fast 2 Furious</em> joins Lego Speed Champions – available from Jan 2023

    Lego has unveiled the next addition to its Speed Champions series, with Lego 76917 being the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R driven by Paul Walker in the 2003 film 2 Fast 2 Furious.

    Set to be released on January 3 next year, the 319-piece kit is a faithful recreation of the memorable movie car featuring squared-off headlamps, quad circle taillights, a large rear wing, six-spoke wheels and blue-striped livery that fans of the franchise will immediately recognise.

    Details like the Toyo Tires sticker placed above the movie-correct Florida licence plate are also a nice touch, although it is missing stickers of a great many aftermarket companies (Nitrous Express and K&N, anyone?).

    There is, however, a nitrous oxide bottle where the passenger seat should be in the right-hand drive car. Also included in the kit is a minifigure of Brian O’Connor dressed in white T-shirt and grey trousers, which is what he wore in the opening race of the movie.

    Interested in one? You can look for the Lego 76917 on Shopee.

  • Lego Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set officially announced with limited edition coffee table book

    Lego Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set officially announced with limited edition coffee table book

    Remember the 3,778 piece Lego Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set that we posted about a few days ago? Well, Lego has officially announced it today and it turns out there’s a coffee table book to go with it!

    While the Lego Ferrari Daytona won’t be a limited edition, the Lego Technic Daytona SP3, The Sense of Perfection coffee table book will have a limited run of 5,000 units and will exclusively be available for order separately on the Lego website.

    The coffee table book will go behind the scenes at both Maranello and Billund (Ferrari and Lego HQ locations respectively) and will cover both the design process of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 and its brick counterpart.

    Lego also released more details on the set – a fully built Lego Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set will measure 14 cm tall, 59 cm long and 25 cm wide.

    The 1:8 scale Lego Technic model will have a functional 8-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifter, a V12 engine with moving pistons and striking silver lacquered rims. The model also has a pair of working butterfly-hinge doors opens to reveal the cockpit.

    RRP is USD399.99, making it the most expensive Lego Technic car so far – the Lamborghini Sian is USD379.99 and the Bugatti Chiron is USD349.99.

    Want to pre-order one? Just tap the link below.

    LINK: Lego 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 by MrBrickHunt – RM1,599.90

  • Lego Optimus Prime can transform into a truck – pre-orders open for 1,508 piece set arriving in June 2022

    If you grew up in the 80s, I guarantee that this latest set 10302 from the Lego Creator Expert series will excite you! We can now buy a Lego Optimus Prime in his original G1 form (none of that Michael Bay nonsense) and the best part is it can actually transform!

    Yes, this 2-in-1 set doesn’t require you to break it apart and rebuild it again. It wouldn’t be a Transformers set if it couldn’t transform now, would it?

    In the original G1 form, the ‘classic’ Optimus Prime was based on a red and blue Freightliner FL86 cab over semi truck. This Lego set builds a 13.5 inch tall version of the robot form for you to display and think back of the good old days. In truck mode, Optimus Prime is 10.5 inches long.

    It comes with a bunch of accessories as well, like an ion blaster gun, a battle axe, a jetpack, the Autobot Matrix of leadership and an energon cube.

    The US market RRP is US$169.99, and we can already see some Lego sellers taking pre-orders on Shopee. If you want to order one, head to one of the Shopee links below.

  • Vespa 125 in Lego, 1:1 scale Lego replica coming soon

    Vespa 125 in Lego, 1:1 scale Lego replica coming soon

    If you’re hankering for a scale replica of your Vespa scooter, Lego has you covered with the 2022 Lego Vespa 125, celebrating Vespa’s 75th anniversary. Comprising of 1,106 pieces, the Lego Vespa 125 comes in a fetching shade of paster blue.

    Targeted towards the adults more than the kids, the Lego Vespa 125 comes with all the lifestyle accessories expected including a bouquet of flowers. In a first for Leg, the tyres of the Lego Vespa 125 are white sidewall while the pastel blue hue is rarely seen in typical Lego builds.

    Other details include a spare wheel, removable engine hood, handlebar with steering wheel and kickstand. True to life, the Lego Vespa 125 comes with a front wheel mounted on one side, 2 seats, a brick-built engine underneath, and working steering.

    Complementing the build is the Vespa logo, a classic 1960s Italian license plate, and helmet. The completed Lego Vespa 125 model measures 22 cm by 35 cm by 12 cm and is priced at 89.99 pounds sterling (RM505.39)

    Meanwhile, for the Milan Fashion Week, a 1:1 scale Lego Vespa 125 will be unveiled, showcasing the talents of LEGO Certified Professional Riccardo Zangelmi. Zangelmi was previously responsible for the 1:1 scale Lego replica of the Ducati Panigale V4R.

  • 2021 BMW Motorrad M1000RR, 1:5 scale Lego, RM953

    2021 BMW Motorrad M1000RR, 1:5 scale Lego, RM953

    Set for release on January 1, 2022 at Lego stores is is the Lego Technic BMW Motorrad M1000RR, priced at 199 euro (RM953). Comprising of 1,920 pieces, the Lego M1000RR is scaled at 1:5 and is 45.5 cm long and stands 27.7 cm tall, making the M1000RR Lego’s largest motorcycle model ever.

    As usual with Lego Technic models, numerous technical details abound. These include a three-speed gearbox, the upside-down fork and the rear swingarm with suspension. There is also a dashboard with three different display options and the gold-coloured drive chain while the paddock stand and pit board complete the accessories list.

    2021 BMW Motorrad M1000RR, 1:5 scale Lego, RM953

    “When the management of BMW Motorrad announced the first M model on two wheels, the BMW M1000RR, everyone knew that it would be something special,” said Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Marketing and Product Management at BMW Motorrad, “in the same way, the LEGO Technic team realised they needed to come up with something unprecedented to pay tribute to the M RR. The result is a motorcycle and a technical model that each represent the state of the art in their respective fields.”

    In Malaysia, the 1:1 scale BMW Motorrad M1000RR retails at RM249,500 and is with an eye towards track performance and little else. Engine power is rated at 212 hp at 14,500 rpm and 113 Nm of torque at 11,000 rpm with the bike weighing 192 kg, wet.

    GALLERY: BMW Motorrad M1000RR

  • Lego Technic 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor debuts – 1,379 pieces; V6 engine with moving pistons; suspension

    Lego Technic 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor debuts – 1,379 pieces; V6 engine with moving pistons; suspension

    The 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor is the latest vehicle to be added to the Lego Technic range that also includes cars like the Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari 488 GTE, McLaren Senna GTR, and many more. Scheduled to go on sale from October 1 this year, the set (#42126) is priced at USD99.99 (RM416), which is relatively reasonable compared to others.

    For that money, you get 1,379 pieces to assemble, with the end result being a scaled version of the rugged off-roader measuring 42 cm long, 18 cm wide and 15 cm tall. Of course, while the looks are just one of the main selling points of Lego Technic sets, there’s also some nifty brick engineering that make them appealing.

    Lego Technic 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor debuts – 1,379 pieces; V6 engine with moving pistons; suspension

    On the Lego Technic F-150 Raptor, you’ll find a V6 engine with moving pistons under the bonnet, while the doors and tailgate can be opened as well. There’s also suspension that compresses and a functional steering system so you can steer as you push the small vehicle along.

    These features are certainly nice to construct and try out, but more expensive sets do offer more if you can stomach the price. For instance, the Lego Technic Land Rover Defender (set #42110) is twice the price, but gets additional accessories and a fully working transmission with three differentials.

  • Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 goes full-sized – over 400,000 parts, 2,200 kg, 8,660 hours to complete

    Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 goes full-sized – over 400,000 parts, 2,200 kg, 8,660 hours to complete

    What’s better than a 3,696-piece 1:8 scale Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37? Well, a 400,000-piece version of the limited-edition sports car, in 1:1 scale, that’s what. Lego and Lamborghini have collaborated again in a follow-up act exploring the same theme, but on a much larger scale.

    The life-sized model was created using 154 different types of Lego elements, including 20 that were moulded specifically for it, and the neat bit is the accuracy to detail, including the dimensions of the car. The full-scale model’s chassis is identical to the real-life Sián, measuring in at 4,980 mm long, 2,101 mm wide and 1,133 mm high.

    The car, which weighs in at 2,200 kg, took a team of 15 designers, engineers and technicians from the two companies 8,660 hours to complete, from development to construction. Technical novelties include body panels made from an intricate fabric of bespoke interconnecting hexagonal Lego Technic elements, which pays homage to the six-sided shape integral to Lamborghini’s design language.

    The lights, built entirely from Technic elements, reflect how the real Sián’s epsilon headlights and hexagonal taillights power up and down. Inside, highlights include a brick-built steering wheel featuring the Lamborghini emblem and Italian flag as well as specifically-contructed dashboard controls and racing seats. As for the wheels, they are the real deal from the actual car, as are the Pirelli P Zero Corsa rubbers.

    While the Sián isn’t the first officially-backed full-scale model from Lego (the Bugatti Chiron and the McLaren Senna 1:1 replicas precede it), the Danish toymaker says it’s the first to have a paintbrush-effect UV colour coating. The colour, which perfectly matches that of the 1:8 scale version, was applied by the automaker’s paint shop.

    “Our designers love a challenge, so you can imagine their delight when we tasked them to think slightly larger than normal with this model,” said Lego’s senior VP of product and marketing, Lena Dixen.

    “They jumped at the chance of teaming up with our amazing designers and engineers who build these impressive life-sized models at our Kladno factory’s model production workshop in the Czech Republic, and really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with Lego Technic. The creativity that the system allows meant it was possible to really do justice to the exceptional design of the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37,” she said.

    GALLERY: Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, 1:8 scale

    GALLERY: Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

  • Toyota GR Supra receives a Lego Speed Champions replica – 299 pieces with wider eight-stud chassis

    Toyota GR Supra receives a Lego Speed Champions replica – 299 pieces with wider eight-stud chassis

    LINK: LEGO Speed 76901 Champions Toyota GR Supra

    The Toyota Supra is the next model to join the Lego Speed Champions collection, with set #76901 serving to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Supra nameplate – counting from the third-generation model that no longer has Celica in its name.

    The set contains 299 pieces, which includes driver minifigure dressed in a black Gazoo Racing suit and helmet. Fully assembled, the yellow GR Supra replica actually features a wider eight-stud chassis and measures 16 cm long, seven cm wide and about four cm tall.

    Toyota GR Supra receives a Lego Speed Champions replica – 299 pieces with wider eight-stud chassis

    Within the increased footprint is an interior that can accommodate two minifigures and there are finer details like red accents on the seats and headrests. Other cues include stickers for the headlamps, two different wheel options, large round tailpipes and an F1-inspired third brake light.

    The set may not be as detailed as the fancier Technic range that includes cars like the Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 and Ferrari 488 GTE, but at around RM89 (depending on where you get it from), it is significantly cheaper as a result. Interested?

    LINK: LEGO Speed 76901 Champions Toyota GR Supra

  • Lego reveals new two-in-one vintage Porsche 911 set – 1,458 pieces; on sale from Feb 16 priced at RM608

    Lego reveals new two-in-one vintage Porsche 911 set – 1,458 pieces; on sale from Feb 16 priced at RM608

    Fans of the Porsche 911 will be glad to know that Lego has revealed a new two-in-one Creator set featuring the iconic nameplate, which is set to go on sale from March 1, 2021. However, if you are a member of Lego’s free VIP loyalty programme, you’ll get to order the set even earlier from February 16.

    Set #10295 is a pretty special one, as it brings together the 911 Targa and 911 Turbo from the 1970s and 1980s, allowing you to build either a classic coupe or convertible body style. The set consists of 1,458 pieces, and you can switch between the two by simply changing the rear end and roof.

    “Taking ownership of a brand-new sports car is an experience to savour and this is a feeling we wanted to recreate for Lego fans,” said Mike Psiaki, design master at the Lego Group. The company had previously debated whether to release a single kit of a 911 Targa or a 911 Turbo, but decided in the end to include both during the development process.

    “As we were designing the car, the hardest decision to make was whether we would make the Turbo or Targa variant of the car. It was such a tough call that we engineered the ability to build the Lego Porsche 911 Turbo and Targa from a single set. Without doubt, fans of the 911 all over the world who have long admired these cars will love the opportunity to build both versions!” explained Psiaki.

    Lego worked closely with Porsche to ensure the finished product captured the timeless design of the classic 911, and it certainly does. Measuring 35.5 cm long, 16 cm wide and 10.8 cm tall, the fully-assembled model showcases the 911’s iconic silhouette with both body styles, and there are plenty of details to go along with it.

    For instance, the front of the model sports round headlamps, a sculpted bonnet and a faithful recreation of the 911’s bumper, while the rear houses a flat-six engine. As for the 2+2 cabin, it features a handbrake, gearshift and functional steering wheel. Other highlights include the dashboard and seats get a dark orange and nougat finish, with the latter also capable of tilting forward to access the second row.

    Several features unique to the 911 Turbo version include its distinctive Turbo badging, a wide rear axle, turbocharger, intercooler and integrated rear spoiler. Should you choose to build the 911 Targa instead, you’ll find a removable roof that can be stowed under the front bonnet, along with Targa badging and a brick-built wraparound rear window.

    If you’re interested, you’ll need to fork out USD149.99 (RM608) in the United States, or 129.99 euros (RM637) if you’re in Europe – Malaysian pricing has yet to be revealed. Again, if you want early access, you’ll need to sign up for Lego’s loyalty programme, which we highly recommend.

    That’s because to celebrate the launch of the Lego Porsche 911 Targa and 911 Turbo, the company is offering a limited-edition Lego Porsche owners pack upon purchase. This contains a certificate of ownership, an official Lego Porsche card wallet and a set of four unique art prints based on contemporary Porsche 911 advertisements. The collectible pack is only available in limited numbers for orders of the set placed through the Lego VIP loyalty programme. Interested?

  • Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon revealed – 665-piece set with articulating suspension and winch

    Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon revealed – 665-piece set with articulating suspension and winch

    If you’re tired of all the supercars and hypercars in the Lego Technic range, here’s something different. The Danish toymaker has released a new set based on the iconic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which will go on sale from January 1, 2021, priced at 49.99 euros, USD49.99, 44.99 pounds sterling, or around RM200-275.

    Set #42122 is the first-ever Lego model of a Jeep off-roader and comes with 665 pieces, which certainly isn’t as much as fancier offerings, although there’s still plenty of features to toy with when you’re done with assembly.

    For starters, the finished model is a faithful recreation of the full-size Wrangler Rubicon, complete with the brand’s seven-slot grille, fold-down rear seats and open-air design. There’s no moving V6 under the bonnet, but you do get a front steering system, axle-articulation suspension, chunky tyres with a spare wheel, and even a winch. Wrapping things up is a yellow and black colour scheme.

    Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon revealed – 665-piece set with articulating suspension and winch

    ”The Jeep Wrangler is an icon in the off-road world” said Lars Thygesen, designer at Lego Technic. “The Rubicon has a lot of the iconic details loved by 4×4 fans the world over, so it was important to me to pack as many of the authentic, powerful features of the real vehicle into the Lego Technic replica. I hope Lego fans and vehicle lovers enjoy all aspects including the suspension, winch and open-air design that we developed alongside the talented Jeep design team,” he added.

    “Ask any Jeep Wrangler owner and they’ll tell you that their vehicle is just a bigger version of this new Lego,” commented Mark Allen, head of Jeep Design. “The design of the Jeep Wrangler allows them to take it apart, top off, doors off, reconfigure it, add new pieces from our Mopar team, and then put it back together again. This Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler should bring a new level of joy to our Jeep enthusiasts and help inspire future designers to the brand,” added Allen.

  • Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR revealed – 830-piece set with moving V8, dihedral doors, blue livery

    Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR revealed – 830-piece set with moving V8, dihedral doors, blue livery

    The Lego Technic series has seen a fair share of new models introduced based on real-life cars, and here’s another one. Set #42123 is the McLaren Senna GTR, which will be available from January 1, 2021 at a recommended retail price of 44.99 pounds sterling, 49.99 euros, USD49.99, or around RM200-300.

    The model is the first McLaren supercar to be recreated in Lego Technic form and is made up of 830 pieces. “Like every full-scale McLaren Senna GTR, its Lego replica is designed to be built by hand,” according to the British carmaker.

    When fully assembled, the model measures 32 cm long and will have a V8 with moving pistons, opening dihedral doors and a bold blue livery. It certainly looks like a faithful recreation and should be a good item to be played with or put on display.

    Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR revealed – 830-piece set with moving V8, dihedral doors, blue livery

    Compared to other Lego Technic sets like the Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, the number of pieces used for the Macca model is around a quarter of those cars, and half that of the Ferrari 488 GTE.

    “Just like the real thing, the Lego model is packed full of incredible details from the rear spoiler to the moving pistons in the V8 engine to the dihedral doors meaning that we’re as proud of the model as we are of the real car,” said Robert Melville, design director at McLaren Automotive.

    As a recap, the full-size Senna GTR is the racing version of the Senna that doubles down on the performance, with more aggressive aero that generates up to 1,000 kg of downforce, along with an even more powerful 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 that is estimated to make 825 PS (814 hp). Only 75 units of the Senna GTR will be made, but this limit won’t be applied to its Lego counterpart.

    LINK: LEGO 42123 Technic – McLaren Senna GTR – RM199.90


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