Flux car subscription service launched in Malaysia – multi-brand, Kia to BMW, from RM814 per month

Flux car subscription service launched in Malaysia – multi-brand, Kia to BMW, from RM814 per month

Now, here’s something that has really lighted up our team chat group. Imagine a car buffet with no commitment, and you’re not stuck to just one brand, but can choose from anything ranging from a Kia Picanto to a BMW 530i. That’s the promise of Flux, a new car subscription service that has just launched in Malaysia.

Unlike some start-ups, the product that Flux is selling isn’t a copy of something that already exists. Car subscription is a recent phenomenon, and so far, it has been experimented by car companies seeking new ways to push out their wares to the young, who if you haven’t already realised, aren’t really into traditional ownership. Downloading MP3s and ripping off CDs was yesterday, Spotify is today.

“It’s unbelievable that in 2019, the only financially attractive way a Malaysian can have access to a car 24/7 all year round is through a hire purchase loan. Because buying a car, a highly depreciating asset, is probably the worst financial decision a household can make,” said Aziz Ayman, founder and CEO (pictured below).

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“I founded Flux to challenge the status quo and offer a better alternative to the conventional car loan, here at home in Malaysia. At Flux, we are excited to pioneer a new means to access all the benefits of having a car in your driveway, without the costs. We are proud to challenge the conventions of car ownership, working collaboratively with the leading local automotive groups. Together, we offer you freedom of choice, at unparalleled convenience. In short, Flux is the simpler way to ‘own’ your perfect car,” added Aziz, who is the son of Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz. The former Bank Negara governor is the chairman of Flux.

What truly sets Flux apart is its range of available cars. Sourced from “reputable automotive groups and retailers”, the company says that its cars are independently inspected, well maintained and free from major accidents and flood damage. Most of the cars currently on the fleet appear to be nearly new, listed as 2018 or 2019, with the oldest model a BMW 7 Series from 2009. There’s also a W221 Mercedes-Benz S-Class from 2013 and a CLA 45 AMG from 2014.

There are plenty of current BMWs too – we see the G20 3 Series, G30 5 Series, 6 Series GT and X1 SUV, alongside the MINI Countryman and Clubman. Away from premium brands, you’ll find popular models such as the Honda Jazz/Toyota Yaris, Honda City/Toyota Vios, Honda HR-V, Honda CR-V/Nissan X-Trail and plush Toyotas such as the Camry and Harrier. From Naza’s stable, there’s the Kia Picanto and Sportage, and Peugeot 2008 and 3008. You have visitors? The Toyota Innova and Fortuner might help.

Flux car subscription service launched in Malaysia – multi-brand, Kia to BMW, from RM814 per month

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As with mainline car subscription schemes, Flux promises hassle free driving. Their concierge service will take care of all car-related administrative and maintenance matters. This includes yearly document renewals (road tax, insurance) alongside planning and execution of scheduled service and repairs (inclusive of wear and tear items such as tyres). The concierge will collect and return the car when it’s time for servicing.

Ok, how much? Monthly prices range from RM814 for a Picanto to RM8,837 for a BMW 630i GT M Sport. When you’re browsing, bear in mind that the advertised prices are the lowest possible for the particular car (by the way, the car you see in each listing is the exact unit you’re getting), which means a three-year contract. For example, the Picanto costs RM895 per month on a two-year contract, RM1,040 on a 12-month deal and RM1,221 for a single month.

The longer the contract you sign up for, the better deal you get, obviously. Also, quoted fees are for the “Lite” package, which is capped at 1,250 km a month (that’s 15,000 km a year). For a higher cap of 2,000 km a month, the “Standard” package comes with a surcharge, which in the Picanto’s case is an additional RM90. All cars come with an “Unlimited” mileage option, and for the little Kia, you must top up RM537 a month for this. The add-on mileage surcharges vary according to model.

Flux car subscription service launched in Malaysia – multi-brand, Kia to BMW, from RM814 per month

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Flux says that for the three-year contract, the monthly fee is slightly lower than the monthly instalment one would pay in a typical five-year HP loan with a 10% downpayment. Here, there’s no downpayment, but a one month deposit that’s refundable (depending on the customer’s risk profile, can be up to four months). To pay, just swipe your Malaysian-issued credit card.

Note that the length of contract is how long you intend to use Flux, and not how long you’re tied to a particular car. Members can switch cars (minimum block is one month) for a RM375 swap fee, and move to the lower/higher monthly rate for the new car. If you originally signed up for a three-year deal, you’ll get the three-year monthly price for the new car as well. There’s also a three-day risk free return scheme (150 km limit), in case you just can’t live with a particular choice or have changed your mind.

Lastly, security. All Flux cars are equipped with a telematics device to help recover the car and your belongings in case of theft. Should an accident happen, the car is fully insured and 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance will be rendered. Flux is open to both Malaysians and expats (international driving licences accepted), as long as he/she has a Malaysian-issued credit card, mobile contact number and is above 25 years old.

The multi-brand range and ability to switch cars as you like sounds interesting for a car subscription service, doesn’t it? What do you think? Check out what Flux has to offer here.

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  • Wow…this is superb, yeap i dont want to be tied down wt a hp loan, car is just a mere expenses

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  • alldisc on Oct 10, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    Ppl may say.. wah so high one?

    But this is the list of savings one can make

    1. 10% down payment. On some cases maybe 20%.
    2. Insurance to cover own damage claims as well as theft, malicous act or natural disasters such as flood or thunderstorm.
    3. Service maintenance and repairs.


    4. The biggest headache you will.miss is the depreciation.. especially in the first year.

    5. At such rate per.month you will be stuck at one car for 9 years. That is something like 3 cars over the entire of your working period.
    Flux offering you 3 years deal after which you can opt for another car.

    6. Best of all. Should the car breaksdown I believe flux has a recovery plan.

    7. And the other best thing is when it come to part exchange… You don’t need to worry about topping up rnny differences. All was taken into account.

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    • Exora Turbo Driver on Oct 10, 2019 at 6:14 pm

      Agreed on your point,
      4. The biggest headache you will.miss is the depreciation.. especially in the first year.

      So indeed, Sam Loo was absolutely spot on what he was preaching all along. RV, brilliant guy.

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    • granny on Oct 10, 2019 at 6:46 pm

      if it’s a brand new car. the price is ok.

      if it’s a used car, additional discount is welcomed. I see a few cars form 2016, 2017 and 2018.

      Compared to used car market pricing, the higher pricing here is lacking of it’s attractiveness.

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    • Tuna Sing on Oct 10, 2019 at 11:40 pm

      Ah ma banker, the son also wanna make money like a banker, tuna sing 6k ish per month for latest 3 series, at this time of the year the ‘brand’ new car also depreciated 10-15%, once cross 2019,straight down 20%… At that monthly fee they would have recoup the cost of car (after their discount purchase) in 3.5 years, bmw gives free services and they cap ur mileage usage, means if u use more u indirectly pays for wear and tear.. so many bmw which indicates all the unsold cars can be recycled for subscriptions.. Pandai

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  • Ramai FLUX punya cybertrooper here promoting it already.

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  • Caddilac on Oct 10, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Only available in KL?

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  • rabbitt00 on Oct 10, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Too expensive even tho the flux cybertroopers say its so cheap and how much we can save. Good luck to them tho, always support new business ideas in Malaysia

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  • Well I have long dream for Malaysia to have some kind of lease programs for cars, and this effort is kinda match that dream. Yes you need to pay quite a lot upfront, but with less headaches in longer term.

    Hey if this program take off real well like Socar, I can foresee myself as one of the participants. Hopefully other companies will embark in this kind of business model so that us drivers and car enthusiasts will have more choices and deals.

    I mean, driving a new car for a period and exchange it later when have enough of it, come on that is so wicked! (feel free to draw similarities with other circumstances, I don’t care)

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  • passerby on Oct 10, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    Power yo!
    Check out the red Honda City, 0-100 in 5.2s
    Can easily smoke all the other BMW cars

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  • 4G63T DSM on Oct 10, 2019 at 5:17 pm


    Let’s just take the cheapest option, the picanto.

    814/MTH over 3 years. Total is 29304. assuming no other hidden charges (and “standard” mileage cap of 2000km/month extra at 90/mth which could add another 3240 over 3 years)

    Let’s say compared to a hire purchase loan for the 47k Picanto for 3 years @3%, with 10%down.

    Downpayment 4700. Total cost of loan over 3 years is 46107. Monthly payment for 36month loan tenure is 1281/month. Total cost of car is 50807.

    Value of 3 year old Picanto is at about 40% depreciation over 3 years (it being the steepest portion), the car is worth 28200 at the end of 3 years

    Net cost over 3 years is 50807 – 28200 = 22,607. Add 3 years insurance (assuming full NCB), road tax , consumables and maintenance (car is still under warranty) say a generous 4500 over 3 years.

    Total cost of ownership is 27107 over 3 years.

    Difference is about 2k over 3 years in favour of the HP car instead of the subscribed car.

    I can see where they are making the point. Then again if this stretches over longer periods of HP, the HP car will eek out further advantage. Depreciation will even out over longer periods.

    2K over 3 years is probably insignificant for people chasing after the new car smell (assuming you always get a new car from Flux) I can see where the appeal is but is going to cost anywhere between 2k to 6k (and possibly even more if higher mileage than the standard 2000km/MTH cap) from a typical HP car.

    That is no clump change over 3 years for the convenience of not being tied down. It’s not cheap to be in a No Strings Attached relationship. There are plenty of hidden costs. :P

    Wish them the best. More options for consumers is never a bad thing .

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    • Plenty of 2015 Picanto is selling at Sub RM25k.
      Trade in value only sub-RM20k.

      RM47k 90% loan, 3% interest, 9 years loan. 48 months still need to settle balance loan @ RM29k. Need top up RM9k to throw the old car smell Kimchi.

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    • swoosh3553 on Oct 11, 2019 at 8:19 am

      Bro… if you able to compute in the regular servicing over the 3 year period for the HP model, that would show the actual difference. This FLUX service included maintenance for the monthly rate charged. The pull factor is that using this FLUX service, subscribers are free from all other headaches other than headache forking out the high monthly rate. But on the other hand, ain’t all BMW owners are paying that too….

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    • Add 3 years insurance (assuming full NCB), road tax , consumables and maintenance (car is still under warranty) say a generous 4500 over 3 years…. RM4500??assuming full NCB??…that’s not really generous
      RM28k is selling price, not trade in price..

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  • Talhah on Oct 10, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    But for me Renault Subscription make more sense… Is much more affordable that this Flux then still after end contract can opt to buy the car…

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  • seancorr (Member) on Oct 10, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    Nice one. Was waiting for this type of subscription to launch in Malaysia. My current vehicle is sitting at home collecting dust while I work overseas for half a year and I don’t do more than 10k km a year so I would like to subscribe for the months that I’m back in town. Prices are a bit on a high side but when competition arrives I bet the price will go down.

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  • C.P. MOHAN on Oct 10, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    Thought it was meant to be an hassle-free OPTION to HP not a COMPARISON to HP. It is a niche market now, but may not be one in the future.

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  • The only thing that’s not really good is about their early cancellation policy…

    If the subscription is 12 months or more, with more than one (1) month remaining in its subscription, the cancellation fee is equal to the monthly payment for the remaining duration of the subscription or the monthly payment that matches the actual commencement and cancellation date, whichever is lower.

    It means you shouldn’t cancel the contract, because you are paying the remaining subscription anyway…?

    Renault subscription do better than this.

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  • I own it after 5 years deh on Nov 04, 2019 at 2:30 am

    Although it says the payment is slightly lower than a 5 years HP loan instalment, and even it covers all the maintenance cost bla bla bla, we still don’t own the car even after 5 years. If I buy the car and got a HP loan, at least I could still own it and drive it free of debt after 5 years.

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  • Super Beng on Dec 03, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    They allow their staff to drive any of the cars as long available. Their staff never takes care of the cars. Borrow kawan & gf semua pandu kasi KL- Kedah-JB cuti2

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  • Hanna on Aug 10, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Hm.. the price is so expensive as compared to other platforms. I found a similar car on Moovby is 30% cheaper with unlimited mileage!

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  • You try driving

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  • you buy a car, 5yrs 7yrs loan end, you no need pay for car loan. yes, u still drive an old car.

    Flux here, subscribed 3yrs, after that how? subscribed again another one? after another 3 yrs, again and repeat.

    fella, u keep pay them $$$ leh. u wan to be their big son ya? wtf…

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