Ford first teased its all-electric performance SUV back in January last year, and has now announced that it will unveil the Mustang-inspired vehicle come November 17 this year. To go along with the announcement, the carmaker also dropped a short teaser video that involves clay shaping and sketching of the model.

As you’d expect, details about the EV are scarce at the moment, as Ford only previously stated that the model will have an expected range of up to 600 km (370 miles). There’s no finalised name either, although “Mach E” or “Mach-E” seem to be frontrunners – the initial teaser referred to the EV as the “Mach 1.”

In terms of how the EV will look, the sketch depicted in the video shows us some of the Mustang cues that will be featured, including the tri-bar headlamps and taillights, a rakish roofline as well as prominent haunches over the rear wheels.

These details aren’t (immediately) apparent on a prototype sighted by our spy photographers previously, as the copious amounts of camouflage and faux body panels made it difficult to ascertain its actual shape. We’ll only see the vehicle in full as November looms, and nail down the exact specifications then.

GALLERY: Ford performance electric SUV spyshots