The G30 BMW 5 Series facelift, or Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) in BMW-speak has surfaced on public roads once again, and this time we can see this particular example wearing what appears to be an M Sport bodykit. Starting at the front, the kidney grille looks like it hasn’t grown beyond that of the current model, as exemplified by the G31 station wagon development mule we’ve previously spotted.

Here, the M Sport kit features a front bumper with three distinct lower sections as on the current model as well as other models with the sportier bodywork. The G30’s sheet metal along the sides are basically unchanged, and further exterior updates are applied to the car’s rear end, where a new tail lamp cluster design can be partially seen here.

This latest sighting gives us the clearest view yet of its revised daytime running light arrangement, which features more simplified lines as seen on an earlier sighting of a G31 LCI 5 Series development car, at which time its interior with updated instrumentation was also revealed.

The new instrumentation will likely be the most apparent change within the G30 LCI’s interior, where the latest iteration of the BMW Live Cockpit setup will be found. The aforementioned sighting of the facelifted G30 cabin also revealed that the current centre console arrangement will be carried over, instead of the newer set from the G29 Z4 and the G20 3 Series.

More in-depth changes for the G30 and G31 LCI 5 Series are likely to be found in the engine bay, namely the introduction of the plug-in hybrid variant that will likely employ the 3.0 litre inline-six from the latest 745e. Instead of the 7 Series’ outputs of 394 PS and 600 Nm of torque, the new PHEV 5 Series will likely be pegged to a lower output in the region of 375 PS.

Given the trickle-feed of G30 and G31 5 Series facelift sightings, we’ll likely see the forthcoming German models on the road again before their respective launches, which are currently rumoured to be towards the end of next year or early 2021 for the sedan, and slightly later in 2021 for the station wagon.