The next BMW 2 Series Active Tourer has been spotted in public, and here our spy photographer sources have also managed to capture images of the forthcoming model’s interior as well. According to our source, the larger, seven-seater 2 Series Gran Tourer won’t be updated beyond the current generation, and so the Active Tourer could grow dimensionally to fill the future gap.

Dubbed the U08 internally at BMW, the next 2 Series Active Tourer will be built upon the group’s latest transverse, front-wheel-drive architecture for the group’s compact models, which will accommodate petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrain configurations.

From the interior images our photographers managed to capture, the dashboard of the next 2 Series Active Tourer appears to feature a slight kink or curve in the span of its two screens, somewhat like the layout found in the BMW iNEXT. In here, the development vehicle’s steering wheel is more conventionally round, rather than the ‘polygonal’ shape in the iNEXT.

The development car here also draws from the iNEXT in employing a more compact gear selector switch rather than a conventionally-shaped lever, located just aft of the lower dashboard section which appears to be a provisional design instead of permanent, our sources suggest.

In the meantime, the forthcoming 2 Series Active Tourer is slated for a debut some time in 2021, which leaves considerable time between now and then for further developments of the five-door to surface.